Richmond, KY


Mulching Services

In order to get the best look for your landscape at your home or business and to give it the care that it needs, mulching needs to be a component of its maintenance.  At Greenscape Enterprises, we believe that mulching is one of the best steps you can take to give your landscaping a fresh look. It adds an excellent backdrop to your plantings to reveal their beauty all four seasons of the year. While our first thoughts about mulch are about making the landscape look neat and trim, there are other important reasons to build mulching into your property maintenance:

Weed control – Mulch works as a barrier to limit the amount of sunlight that can get to the weeds.
Moisture retention – Mulch will cover the soil and reduce evaporation, helping plant life to remain more evenly hydrated.
Soil insulation from temperature extremes – Mulch provides an extra layer from heat and cold.
Soil erosion prevention – Mulch prevents rain water from washing away soil by softening the fall of the water, lessening the force when the water hits the ground.
Pest control – Certain types of mulch can deter pests due to their natural oils acting as a repellent.
Encouragement of earthworms to move in – Certain types of organic materials used for mulching will encourage earthworms to reside in your soil, improving soil structure and nutrient cycling.

Have you ever mulched your landscaping?  If you have, then you probably know that this is not easy work.  Dragging messy bags into your vehicle and then around your property is anything but fun.  Nor is it fun to have a truckload of mulch dropped in your driveway, waiting for you to take up every spare moment you have for the next several days to shovel and spread it.  Let the friendly professionals at Greenscape do this work for you. This is what we do. We offer a variety of mulch products to suit the needs of your landscaping and will spread this mulch evenly. We will get the job done affordably, on your schedule and to your satisfaction without you lifting a finger. 

At Greenscape, we implement the best practices of mulching:

We use only high-quality, weed and insect free mulch.
We apply mulch evenly and to the right depth.
We place mulch appropriately so as to avoid structures that should not have mulch in close proximity.
We do not overuse mulch around tree trunks, placing the health of trees at risk.
We will check out the soil in place to assure that mulch does not complicate drainage.

Greenscape will do all that we can to enhance the health and appearance of your landscaping with the proper application of mulch, sparing you from a job that is tough and sometimes hard to get right!