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Snow & Ice Management

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Snow & Ice

When Winter weather brings Snow and Ice, What is your game plan?

Winter in Kentucky can be unpredictable, and we experience it every year. As Property manager you are responsible for Safety on your grounds. Snow and Ice can be a huge liablity during the winter months, vehicle accidents, and lost revenue as a result.

Be PREPARED - Partner with a professional and freindly Snow and Ice management service Contractor that has the proper equipment, Crewmembers, and Materials to keep your property safe and clear this winter.


monitor the storms coming and have our staff trained.
provide snow services in three different contracts Time/Material/Per occurance/Seasonal Pricing.
understand our customers needs to continue normal operations during a snow event

We'll do all the hard work.

Parking Lots
Parking Lots
Rural Areas
Rural Areas
Parking lot Clearing/De-icing
Sidewalk Clearing/De-icing
We are proactive in snow emergency events
on call 24/7
Storm monitoring during snow season.
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